When I close my eyes, I see wavelets that form with the wind’s blow,
evoking the spread of our actions into society to connect
people's emotions and stories.

I am a multimedia, slasher-career artist, and immigrant, who undergo diverse socio-economic, cultural, and political backgrounds. These life experiences guide my inquiries about how we embody our multiracial, multicultural identities as inhabitants of a global ecosystem. We live in an interconnected world, so the issues affecting one part of society has an effect on society as a whole
Through documentaries, animations, sculptures and mixed media pieces, I funnel these thoughts to discuss some of the socio-political and environmental issues that affect us, for example inequality, immigration and the importance of water for life.Under the Skin animation, which exposes American immigration's flawed system, exemplifies some of my views.
Using a computer as a primary production tool, I also create interactive meda works. This working way helps me to understand the effects technology has on our perception and our relations with one another and our ecosystem. An example of this is D.S.I._Card an interactive Computer-based installation, in which the participants create their own identity card based on their languages, and socio-cultural interests, instead of on race and ethnicity, which are classifications that longer describes the multiculturalism of our current society.