Silvana D’Mikos is a Uruguayan American multimedia artist. Her body of work is inspired by growing up with activist parents involved in the fight against Uruguay’s military coup. These experiences, along with her immigration journey, permeates her films and artworks. Combining a poetic imagination with reality, Silvana looks at the interconnections between environment, social inequality, and discrimination.
Through her holistic approach, D’Mikos creates documentaries, animations, installations, and sculptures to depict our effect on social reality’s interstices. An excellent example of that is her recent documentary-animation Under The Skin, which reveals the struggles and emotions experienced by unaccompanied migrant children at the US detention facilities. Under The Skin screened at the 2021, XII Humanfest Film and Human Rights Festival, Valencia, Spain, the 2020 edition of the DOC-NYC U film festival, and it won a Spotlight Gold Award for one of the best independent films of 2020. Silvana’s works have been featured nationally and internationally.
La Droga Principal (The Principal Drug) about Uruguay’s Cannabis legalization, and The Discovery of Anandamide, a documentary on the 1st cannabinoid neurotransmitter discovery, by the Czech-Israelian scientist Lumír Hanuš, screened at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA), and at the Conference: Drug Policies and Markets, Identity and Human Rights, NEPP- UFRJ, both held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Other Screenings and art shows include the School of Art and Communication, UDELAR, Montevideo, Uruguay. ARC Gallery (Chicago), Fernway Gallery/Acre TV (Chicago), Index Art Center and Newark Museum (Newark, NJ), G.A.S-Station Gallery (Berlin, Germany), The Coral Gable Museum (Miami), Art House of Delray Cultural Center (Delray Beach), Wynwood Exhibition Center (Miami), Art Wynwood Contemporary Art Fair (Miami), Current Space Gallery (Baltimore).
Silvana holds an MFA in film and integrated media from Hunter College NYC, a graduate certificate in international curatorial practices from Magasin Des Horizon National Center, Grenoble, France, and a BFA from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.